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Bailey Family Chiropractic is located in Blissfield, MI. We are dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care for your entire family, from newborns to seniors. Come discover a better way to better health.
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Better Chiropractic Care Starts Here

Being a family practice, we love seeing the entire family come in together to experience healing, health, and wellness. We seek to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptom. Your body is incredibly intelligent and has the innate ability to heal itself when interference is removed from the nervous system. The team is comprised of Ashley Bailey D.C., Daniel Bailey D.C., and Sarah Mallow D.C.. All doctors are graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the oldest and most renowned chiropractic college in the world.

They have really nice, state-of-the-art equipment here. They were able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my neck and my back.

- Jennifer

They tell you they're not miricle workers, I think Dr. Ashley is. I've been coming here now for two months and I feel better than I have in the last 30 years.

- Don

I like the way they work.

- Terry

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When You Require the Best Care, You Deserve an Expert Team

It is our mission as chiropractors to educate the community about what true health really is. "Health is  a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (World Health Organization, 1946). With "sick care" becoming more and more expensive, come in to find out how chiropractic care is a better way to achieve better health.

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